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I have reconfigured the old blog in sequential order so that it is easier to navigate and reads more naturally. I will, as time permits, begin expanding and editing each post with more detail and some introductions that differ than the current ones. I will post on my Facebook page when a post has been […]

Eschatology Sunday School Class Audio mp3’s. This is for those that would like to listen to the initial class the whole blog/book was initially based upon. Week 1 – Eschatology 1 – Millennial Positions (Amillennialism & Postmillennialism) Week 2 – Eschatology 2 – Millennial Positions (Historical Premillennialism & Dispensationalism Intro) Week 3 – […]

This is the planned introduction to the book version of the material found in this blog. It has been quite a long time since I was first encouraged to take my twenty-four week Sunday School class discussing the various Eschatological views and put them into written form. The series of classes has been available to […]

Previously we discussed the initial purposes for even discussing eschatology as a subject and why many avoid it all together. The modern Church’s obsession with all things “apocalyptic” has made a more intelligent and doctrinal discussion on the matter more difficult. But, as we saw, Scripture is replete with passages dedicated to the subject and […]

What About All the “ologies?” As we continue our discussion as to how eschatology impacts other facets of our worldview and belief system, we now turn to a discussion of the doctrinal, theological and ecclesiological issues. Where previously we discussed a more sociological impact, here we look at the more basic underpinnings of the different […]

Millennial Views I was 16 years old, sitting in the first couple pews of the Baptist church I was raised in the day I learned two new words. I was a mini-expert in the field of eschatology, or so I assumed. I had read every tract on the rapture my church had it’s in foyer, […]

A DAY IS LIKE A THOUSAND YEARS The first thing to note is that in most millennial views, the topic of the “Kingdom of God” and the Millennium and unavoidably linked. In fact, in many, if not all views, they are interchangeable terms. When one speaks of the Millennium they are speaking of the Millennial […]

With this post we will conclude the general overview of the four views of the Millennium. Greater discussion will follow this post on the very popular Dispensational (Left Behind) view. AMILLENNIALISM With that in mind let us begin our overview of the four Millennial position by describing first, Amillennialism. Each overview will deal with the […]

The ABC’s of Reading the Book I remember sitting in my fifth grade Sunday School class at the Church I was raised in. The Pastor’s son was the teacher. He was a huge hulk of a man. He was impressive in stature and in confidence. I believed every word that came from his mouth and […]

Let Your Kingdom Come I remember my 16th birthday quite vividly. Well, actually I don’t remember anything about my 16th birthday except the royal blue FIAT Spider 850 convertible sitting in our driveway. It was mine, or it was going to be, later that afternoon after I passed my driver’s test. Three hours later she […]