What’s This All About

Like the title says, I was a teenage Dispensationalist. I spent hours studying materials, charts, feasts, manuscripts and whatever I could get my hands on. Then a detailed study of Scripture changed everything! Things didn’t add up. Concepts so popular were foreign to Scripture. My love for Church History told a radically different story than the one I was raised on. So, now we have this corner of the web dedicated to a critical look at “Left Behind” eschatology and how it has impacted the Church, society and the ability of the Church to fulfill it’s great commission. Better yet I pray we will discover a more Biblical, optimistic view of the future Jesus has for His Church.


7 Responses to “What’s This All About”

  1. Wow good stuff

  2. 2 Fred


    I found this also very good food for consideration.

  3. I love your site. Keep it up !

  4. 5 PJ

    I attend V7PC, but you left just before my class got to hear your Eschatology series. Randy Thompson, after teaching on the Covenants, said your series logically followed his. So he and Kevin Allen pointed me your way. Could you please contact me via private email?

  5. 6 Eddie

    I was called later than my teenage years – 28 to be exact – but I, too, went through the entire Dispensational indoctrination. Took a good ten years to break free.

  6. new to your viewpoints, would very much like to make contact and participate in your teaching also would like to know more about current status, church location and etc

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