Dispensational Distortions – Some Loose Ends


Before going headlong into a discussion of the Olivet Discourse I wanted to take just a quick moment here to look at some other inevitable problems one encounters when one slides down the slippery slope of Dispensational Distortions and so-called literal hermeneutic. These will be simply bullet point issues with a further exposition of these problems throughout the length of this discussion.

LITERAL PROBLEMS – “If we take everything literally like we’re supposed to”

  • Old Testament Prophesies use names of nations that no longer exist – how literal is that?
  • There are also tribe and family names used that no longer exist
  • There is a need for a future temple to be rebuilt but there is NO New Testament Prophesy  about a rebuilt Temple and the OT ones pre-date the Temple built under Ezra and Nehemiah
  • Ancient weapons used to do not match modern warfare
  • The expectation of “literally” 1/3 of the stars falling and hitting the earth is ridiculous…just one star hits the earth and …! Plus those stars would have to begin “falling” millions of years ago!
  • Time Text – terms like “this generation,” “now,” “at hand,” and “490 years” are the only things NOT taken literally
  • The New Jerusalem – a city 1,500 miles cubed may impact the earths rotation and gravitation a little, huh?
  • Does Jesus really have wool, hoofs and bleat? Is he made of wood? Does he really shrink down and knock on hearts?

DECLINE AND CHAOS -This will be dealt with later with great detail

“The present age is one in which the Gospel is preached to all the world. Relatively few are saved! The world becomes increasingly wicked…” Walvoord

  • Was the Great Commission “wishful thinking”
  • Do the Kingdom Prophesies go unfulfilled?
  • Do the gates of Hell really prevail?

CHRISTIAN ZIONISM – Simply not enough time to deal with this adequately. All I will do for now is restate two basic premise questions?

  • Does Jesus or the Apostles ever state that Jesus has “two peoples?” How many trees?
  • Why would someone want to help Jews relocate back to Israel when their system of theology argues that 1/3 to 1/2 of them will be slaughtered during a great tribulation centered in Judea?

Well, I think that should be enough for now as no matter discussion will folow there will be discussion about Dispensationalism and the frailty of the sytstem.


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