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As we now begin a transition from a discussion of the distinctions and distortions of dispensationalism into a discussion of the Olivet Discourse I thought it might be a good time to deal with a few glossary terms and concepts that cause quite a bit of confusion. They are the terms “Last Day/s” and “End […]

Before going headlong into a discussion of the Olivet Discourse I wanted to take just a quick moment here to look at some other inevitable problems one encounters when one slides down the slippery slope of Dispensational Distortions and so-called literal hermeneutic. These will be simply bullet point issues with a further exposition of these […]

As we now begin our lengthy discourse on the Olivet Discourse it is important that before we consider the passage in question we deal with the issue of hermeneutics. Hermeneutics is defined by Hank Hannegraaf as “the art and science of Biblical interpretation.” I like that definition because the work of interpretation is both an […]

Previously we began our discussion on the Olivet Discourse by looking at the context of the passage (Matt 24-25) and what led to the disciple’s questions and Jesus’ lengthy response. A quick review here to show the basic context issues and events leading up the discourse. The disciples questions were in response to Jesus predicting […]

The questions “can god tell time?” is one that was asked by Gary DeMar in his book, Last Days Madness. Gary also raised this question in his now famous debate at BIOLA University with Thomas Ice that I had the privilege of hosting and promoting. This all important question is one that is completely ignored […]

Continuing with our discussion of the context surrounding the Olivet Discourse we now look at the passage in question and how it begins. What is it that prompts Jesus’ discourse? We have dealt previously with the context related to Jesus relationship with the Pharisees starting with His arrival in Jerusalem during the Passion week. We […]