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This post may prove to be the most “theological” of the entire series. It is my intention to keep it as simple and necessary for our discussion as possible, but some basic understanding in the differences between Dispensational and Covenantal theology is simply mandated. It an attempt to be brief on both sides there will […]

These final introductory posts will deal with a few odds and ends that need some discussion and clarification before continuing into the passage itself.. This includes comparing the discourse in Matthew and in Luke, The Temple importance and what happened in 70AD. This post will deal with the differences, or subjective lack of difference between […]

This very brief post is needed to discuss the concept of apocalyptic language. before entering the passage itself we need to understand the type of language being used and how it is different from other forms. And most importantly note the dangers of misrepresenting a particular literary style. Below is a passage to use as […]

This final introductory post on the Olivet Discourse will deal with the Herodian Temple in Jerusalem, it’s significance, beauty and destruction. We will also consider the Dispensational claim of a third, rebuilt Temple but will keep the remarks limited to how exclusively this would impact a reading of the Olivet Discourse. THE TEMPLE The Temple […]

As we now begin transition from discussing the context of the passage to beginning a discussion of the actual events described and how to most Biblically interpret those predictions, it is important to take a moment and recognize there are primarily three ways in which a person can interpret this passage, and most other prophetic […]

Finally! We have actually reached the point in this series where we begin to directly with the events of the Olivet Discourse. Since we have previously detailed the understanding of the question or questions asked by the Disciples in verse three we will begin our discussion starting with the warning starting in verses four and […]

As we continue our study of the warning signs found in the Olivet Discourse, we now turn our attention to a popular phrase from the discourse, wars and rumors of war. Again remember, just like the previous warning of False Christs, this is just the beginning of the birth pangs, or the early warning signs. […]