Daniel’s 70 Weeks – Review


This is simply a very quick review of the highlights of those things discussed in the last several posts. This is needed only as we now return to the Olivet Discourse and those things that will help our understanding of the Olivet Discourse are listed below.

  • The Prophecy is Messianic and centered in Judea and deals with the Jews covenant relationship
  • The prophecy ONLY introduces ONE character – Jesus Christ – Messiah the Prince
  • The time constraints of God’s faithful word last 490 years
  • Nothing in the context allows for a Gap – as no where else in Scripture
  • Jesus fulfills the six prophetic announcements
  • 1. Finish transgression
  • 2. Put an end to sin
  • 3. Atone for iniquity
  • 4. Bring in everlasting righteousness
  • 5. Seal up vision and prophecy (fulfill)
  • 6. Anoint the Most Holy
  • The destruction of Jerusalem is decreed during the 490 years but carried out a generation later
  • The passage is Messianic and not about the Antichrist!

The above will help us address in the following post as to what should be seen as this “abomination of desolation” discussed in the Olivet Discourse.


7 Responses to “Daniel’s 70 Weeks – Review”

  1. Now this I can understand. Thank you!

    • 2 low5point

      I would love to answer any questions of confusion. I try to be thorough and in doing so be a bit repetitive. Those four verses are brutal, but are worth the effort. I do hope you were able to understand more than just the review or I’m not doing my job…I can always go back and edit earlier post to make things more clear if you can direct some points of confusion our…

      Or was it that this view is easier to understand than the more “popular” view ???

      See how confusing the written word can be? 🙂

  2. This view is easier to understand and makes more sense than the more popular one.
    I will be reading through the rest of this series now, but I am still not ready to move the “old time” boundary stones just yet…*: ) It’s kinda sad…like when it hits you one Christmas…there weren’t any wise men at a stable in the middle of winter…why does the church keep putting on the same show every year?????

  3. 4 low5point

    That is literally (pun intended) called the series a “Remedial Series.” The popular view has left so much baggage on even those that have Left it Behind (punny?) … I say “Jesus Coming in the Clouds” and everyone goes right to the rapture and Second Coming, but is that the right approach…so I do spend some pain staking time walking through the the popular view and trying to wash the brain clean so that any new information won’t be funneled through the old paradigm!

    I appreciate the feedback…BTW…I really want to call the book “I Was a Teenage Dispensationalist; The Politically Incorrect Guide to Eschatology”

    What ye think?

  4. Like the first phrase…the second might need a bit more thought for readability.

  5. No…I think your title is perfect…I didn’t realize there were so many of the Politically Incorrect Guides books…

  6. Did I miss an extended treatment of Daniel 9:27, or am I not there reading backward?

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