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Since we have already discussed the Internal Evidence in a previous post we will now turn our attention to the strongest and most popular argument for the Late Date theory. The date proposed by the late date advocates is usually around 95 AD during the reign of Emperor Domitian. This argument is based on External […]

With this post we will turn our attention toward the Early Date proponents. This will take a couple posts because of the length needed for the argument. Since the early date does not have history on it’s side and is the minority position it will take some extra time and information to possibly convince the […]

In the previous post we discussed the External Evidence and the first of the four Internal Evidence categories. We discovered that the external evidence is lacking. But we also found that the Internal Evidence is strong and will continue to discover this the more we examine the different categories of evidence within the internal evidence […]

Now that we have dealt with the issues surrounding the dating of the book of Revelation our attention will be turned toward the themes and characteristics found in the book itself. Rather than diving headlong into a difficult book filled with imagery, symbolism, visions and unusual language, it serves the reader to try and grasp […]

In this post we continue our discussion of themes and characteristics of the book of Revelation. Here we will discuss the use of the Old Testament in the book of Revelation. Despite not containing a single direct quote from the Old Testament one commentator has noted nearly 150 direct allusions to the Old Testament. What […]

In contrast to what we spoke about in the previous post regarding the use of Old Testament imagery and themes in the Book of Revelation, here we will begin a discussion on the use of New Testament imagery and themes in a book that is quite a lot like an Old Testament book itself. The […]

In this post we further our discussion of the themes and characteristics found in the Book of Revelation. Here we now turn our attention to the “geography” of Revelation. We will be discussing both the actual locations of those places that are in focus in the book of┬áRevelation as well as the use of landmarks […]