Revealing Revelation – Introducing the Introduction


We now begin the potentially long and difficult process of working through the final book of Holy Writ. This long misunderstood, often avoided, terrifying, engrossing and beautiful work of worship known as the Revelation of Jesus Christ. The introduction will probably take as many posts as the actual overview of the text. In fact, much of the text will be covered in the introduction as we discuss the following introductory concerns.

  • The audience
  • The author
  • The historical context and background
  • The dating of the book
  • The purpose of the book
  • The literary style of the book
  • The Old Testament in Revelation
  • The New Testament in Revelation
  • The “geography” of Revelation
  • The “comings of Jesus” in Revelation
  • The “time indicators”
  • The themes of Revelation
  • The “three act play” of Revelation
  • The interpretive methods
  • The characters of Revelation
  • The events of Revelation

And all of the above is only in the introduction! The above is not necessarily the order of the discussion, but rather it should give you an idea what to be looking for in future posts.


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