Revealing Revelation – It Is Finished (Almost)


After much consideration I have decided not to continue with the discussion regarding the New Jerusalem. There is much more to be said regarding a proper understanding of the concept, but would require this blog to diverge from it’s original intention of discussing simply the eschatological implications of many concepts to a more theological treatise. It would also be much deeper than I would prefer to take the “entry level” blog.

If there are enough people interested in continuing this discussion on the New Jerusalem and the theological implications I would gladly consider expounding upon the issues once we have concluded our discussion of the book of Revelation. Just let me know.

With that in mind we will continue our discussion on the book of Revelation by dealing with the last chapter of the book.


One Response to “Revealing Revelation – It Is Finished (Almost)”

  1. 1 Tracey Bonsell

    You know I’m interested! Just a quick note to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your blog. I’m grateful to have stumbled across your audio series awhile back, and this blog really served to fill in some blanks and answer questions regarding preterism.

    So I have a question: Is the language in 2 Peter 3 about the heavens passing away, being set on fire and melting figurative? Or is there is literal new heavens and new earth coming one day?



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