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With this post we will enter into a discussion of easily the most popular character in the book of Revelation. No other character has capture the imagination and struck fear into the heart of the reader of Revelation quite like the infamous beast! What the reader may be surprised with is how little time we […]

Since the bulk of the previous post dealt directly with the more famous, larger beast with seven heads, we will take a short moment and discuss potential interpretation for the second, smaller beast. This beast is often referred to as the smaller beast , not because the description of it’s size leads to that assumption, […]

Much like how Chapter 10 was a transitional chapter, here in chapter 14 a similar technique is being employed. This is either a transition from the fall of Jerusalem to an emphasis on Rome or it simply stands on it’s own as a separate section. But here we are reintroduced to the 144,000 and here […]

The next section in Chapter revolves around the introduction of three angels and the announcements they bring with them. We will deal with the first two announcements in this post and reserve discussion on the third proclamation for the next post. Rev 14:6 Then I saw another angel flying directly overhead, with an eternal gospel […]

As we conclude our discussion here in Chapter 14 of the Book of Revelation we finish by looking at two different sickles used and the results of those two different actions. One is quite positive while the other is clearly negative. We will note the use of the reaping instrument for two different purposes and […]

With what many see as a transitional Chapter in chapter 14 behind us, we now turn our attention to the infamous seven bowl or vial judgments. It is important to note from the outset that how many interprets these judgments is directly tied to how one views the outline and emphasis of the book. That […]

As we begin our discussion of the seven bowl judgment of Revelation, we must first note the similarity between the judgments presented in the bowls and their correspondence with the Trumpet Judgments of revelation AND the plagues of Egypt in Exodus. The former is seen in the possible expanded results of the trumpet judgments end […]